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The Ferocious Tibetan Mastiff and this Giantís Roots

The Tibetan Mastiff, as its name suggests, originally came from Tibet. It is one of the largest Mastiffs, commonly living in mountains, as it requires large spaces for exercise. The Tibetan Mastiff can be categorized into two Chinese breed standards – the Lion Head (smaller and longer hair) and Tiger Head (larger and shorter hair).

The Tibetan Mastiff has a sturdy bone structure with large and wide head, which makes them appear larger than other dogs with the same height. The Tibetan Mastiff can reach up to 31 inches and around 160 pound heavy. However, the largest Tibetan Mastiff in the world is recorded at 245 pounds. Their coats come in solid black and tri-colors.

The native Tibetan Mastiff and the Westernized breed vary largely in terms of temperament. The remaining dogs in Tibet are extremely aggressive and ferocious, making their behavior a bit unpredictable and difficult to train. However, the English counterparts are obedient and devoted to their masters. This noticeable difference can be caused by breeding styles from different countries. In Tibet, people train Tibetan Mastiff as aggressive guard dogs, while Western countries train them as companion dogs. Asian countries are trying to preserve the roots of the Tibetan Mastiff by training them to become more protective and more massive in size.

In its native environment, the Tibetan Mastiff is tenacious in performing his flock-guarding duty. He is able to bring down predators like leopards and wolves without difficulty. However, Westernized Tibetan Mastiffs are domestic and easy-going, living in spacious homes with its master and other canine companions. As such, they can become aloof when strangers come into the house.

From years of selective breeding, the Tibetan Mastiff has become extremely protective of his family, flock and territory. This type of dog is known for being nocturnal, making them perfect for keeping would-be intruders and animal predators away using its booming and fearsome bark throughout the night. However, if you live with nearby neighbors, keeping the Tibetan Mastiff outside all night may be a problem.

Generally, the Tibetan Mastiff is an intelligent, strong-willed and independent breed. Although some may become stubborn during their puppy stages, they can be given obedience training to become obedient adults. Socialization is also an important part of training Tibetan Mastiff puppies because of their protective instincts and reserve nature.

The Tibetan Mastiff has its own personality; it is calm, thoughtful, even-tempered, dignified and extremely loyal to its family. Despite its vicious appearance, the Tibetan Mastiff loves and is gentle children. However, it can be overly protective to a child, especially when an unknown child is playing roughly with the Mastiff’s family member.

The original Tibetan Mastiff is an impressive sheepdog, fighting against any threat that approaches his flock. In domesticated environments, the Tibetan Mastiff can adapt to any kind of lifestyle and become an excellent guard dog. While the fearlessness and ferociousness of a Tibetan Mastiff is legendary, he is easy to housebreak.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a low-energy breed. However, to play his guardian role effectively, the Tibetan Mastiff conserves most of his energy for possible moments when he really needs it. As such, when strangers try to break into his house, a Tibetan Mastiff may move and attack quickly as though he didn’t weigh over 100 pounds.

Tibetan Mastiffs are patient and determined, but with a desire to please people he knows. The Tibetan Mastiff generally distrusts everyone he does not know. However, when someone he knows accompanies the stranger, the Tibetan Mastiff backs down from his defensive stance. Dog aggression depends on age, gender, location and style of breeding. Remember, all Tibetan Mastiffs will definitely defend their territories, vehicles and family.

Originally bred to become ferocious livestock guard dogs, the Tibetan Mastiff has not forgotten its roots. Even if domesticated, the innate protectiveness of the Tibetan Mastiff makes a household 100 times safer.

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