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The French Mastiff and His Gigantic, Intimidating Head

The French Mastiff, also known as Dog De Bordeaux, originated from France around six centuries ago, but can be traced back to the Greek and Roman Molossus. The French Mastiff was originally bred for guarding estates, and hunting. Some were used as war dogs and fighters in gladiator sports, combating other animals like bears, bulls and other fierce dogs. Throughout history, the French Mastiff also became a personal bodyguard and cattle driver.

The new generation of French Mastiff is a retired warrior that remains an effective watchdog and loving family pet. Just like other Mastiff breeds, the French Mastiff has a massive size and muscular physique. However, unlike other Mastiffs, the French Mastiff has a distinctively large head, probably the largest among all types of dogs in the world. With his gigantic head covered with folds and wrinkles combined with an imposing jaw, the French Mastiff brings out a fierce appearance that can immediately intimidate humans, dogs and other non-canine animals.

Being part of the Mastiff group, the French Mastiff has large measurements – weighing at least 110 pounds and measuring up to 28 inches long from the feet to the withers. Their coats come in fawn, brown and mahogany red with patches on legs and chest.

The French Mastiff is an even-tempered, calm, patient, affectionate, loyal and domesticated dog. These dogs can be trusted with children as they are devoted to their masters and families. They can bond closely with its master and family. As such, they are not suitable for homes where the French Mastiff will be left for long periods, as they would think of the separation as punishment.

The French Mastiff is a very protective dog by nature and can be confrontational and fearless in the presence of strangers. If their territory, master or family is threatened, they can become aggressive. The French Mastiff dogs make excellent guard dogs due to their sensitivity to their environment and ability to respond to threats instinctively.  While some French Mastiffs can become aggressive due to their territorial nature, socialization and obedience training could control this breed’s aggression.

Despite the gigantic size of the French Mastiff, they make good house pets, adapting to any kind of environment even with limited indoor space. Unlike other breeds, the French Mastiff will not run around the house and jump on furniture. They generally prefer to spend their time resting on the floor, but can be extremely playful when in the mood.

The French Mastiff is usually aggressive with other dogs regardless of breed. Proper socialization at an early age can allow the French Mastiff to welcome new pets and live with them under one roof. However, male French Mastiffs will not tolerate other males. They can be trained in a calm and consistent manner.

Compared to other Mastiff breeds, the French Mastiff is athletic and versatile. It has a keen sense of smell and hearing, making them perfect for guard work without additional protection training. The French Mastiff can accompany his master in both land and sea activities; they participate in various performances including Conformation, Carting, Obedience, Tracking, Search and Rescue, Weight Pulling and Water Rescue. In addition, these dogs make effective therapy dogs.

As one of the rarest Mastiff breeds, this bigheaded French Mastiff can deliver multiple tasks. Depending on your requirements, this versatile breed can be guard dogs, sled dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs or just plain house pets. Regardless of tasks you want the French Mastiff done, he will remain obedient and loyal to his master when properly trained. However, the French Mastiff is not for everyone as extensive training during puppyhood is required.

With his huge head, intimidating appearance, balanced temperament and protective instincts, the French Mastiff is an all-around dog suitable for any kind of job and environment.

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