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So You Think You’ve Got The Strongest Dog In The World…Wait Until You Hear All About The English Mastiff!

The English Mastiff is a large dog from the Mastiff breed. It is a powerfully built dog with an enormous body, a very broad skull and large head. Almost square in appearance, the English Mastiff is the biggest type of dog in the world, weighing about 150 to 250 pounds for males and around 140 to 200 pounds for females, which give people the impression of strength and power regardless of gender.

The English Mastiff dogs have a shoulder measurement of about 30 inches minimum for males and around 27 inches for females. They have short coat with fawn, dark fawn, apricot-fawn and silver-fawn colors along with black coats around their eyes, nose, ears and muzzle. However, the English Mastiff is known to drool regularly, wheeze, over-salivate and snore loudly.

The characteristics of an English Mastiff include courage, dignity and grandeur. They are known to be affectionate and calm, but are capable of protecting their masters. Just like other dogs in the Mastiff breed, English Mastiffs are very good guard dogs. As such, when unknown people come near their masters or territories, they will instantly place themselves between their masters or territories and the stranger.

As one of the world’s top ten guard dogs, the English Mastiff will become defensive when a stranger tries to come into the house, around the family car and near his or her master until the stranger backs down from his position. However, once his or her master invites the stranger into the house, the English Mastiff will back down from his defensive stance.

In contrary to the being powerful and muscular, the English Mastiff is instinctively good-natured, easygoing, calm and gentle. It seldom barks, but can become aggressive in presence of strangers. As a house pet, an English Mastiff is well mannered, patient, intelligent and dignified. However, due to its size and exercise requirements, this dog may need sufficient room indoors.

English Mastiffs are very loyal to their masters. Although they rarely demonstrate loyalty, these dogs are extremely devoted to its masters and their families. This type of Mastiff loves to please and needs regular companionship.

Being calm, steady, gentle and docile, English Mastiffs are good with children. English Mastiffs will never hurt children; they understand and look at them as “puppies”, making them treat a human child gently. As such, the English Mastiff can be trusted to look after children. However, you may want to keep them away from toddlers because of their weight and size. Some English Mastiffs that are not used to children can easily learn how to deal with them, even if he or she is fully-grown.

The English Mastiff dogs require no protection training because they are born protective dogs. However, when trained with other tricks, they can be patient and gentle. The dominance of an English Mastiff varies largely depending on ones lineage.

Usually, an English Mastiff turns his or her back to an attacking dog; he rarely fights unless he has to. An average English Mastiff only uses his strength and size due to self-defense. Some English Mastiffs can be combative with other dogs, unless trained to socialize as a puppy. Because Mastiffs are not aware of their impressive size, they can be seen playing with smaller breeds and scared of larger dogs.

The English Mastiff is not a hunger, so they can be part of a household with other animals. Under normal circumstances, they will not harm other animals unless they become a threat or in defense to his family and himself. However, cats, rabbits and similar animals may be at risk because Mastiffs love chasing, running and these types of activities.

Originally known for their abilities as a fighting dog and fierce guard, the English Mastiff today is a completely retired warrior who prefers to watch over his family and friends. The English Mastiff is the greatest example of a “man’s best friend”.

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