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Donít Ever Mess With the Bull Mastiff and his Territory!

The Bull Mastiff is a crossbreed between the English Bulldog (40%) and the English Mastiff (60%). The Bull Mastiff has acquired the English Bulldog’s tenacity and agility, while he definitely inherited the English Mastiff's size, appearance, strength and loyalty.

The Bull Mastiff is bred by the English Gamekeepers in the 1800’s to find and tackle poachers. As such, they have been proven to be good household pets and guard dogs. The Bull Mastiff rarely barks, but when they do bark, it could make heads turn due to its hollow sounding bark, making them reliable night watchers.

A male Bull Mastiff can grow up to 27 inches tall weighing 115 to 140 pounds, while females can reach up to 26 inches and weigh around 100 to 120 pounds. Regardless of gender, the coat of a Bull Mastiff may come in shades of red, fawn and brindle. This type of Mastiff has a black muzzle, which tones off toward the eyes and dark markings around the eyes that gives the Bull Mastiff a unique expression.

Although the Bull Mastiff is powerfully built, they are not bulky dogs. They are energetic and alert guard dogs who have protective instincts that will defend its master against any person or animal they perceive as a threat. The Bull Mastiff dogs are courageous, calm and loyal with those they know. However, unlike other dogs, the Bull Mastiff does not attack immediately to protect. Instead, they knock down the stranger or animal with its powerful body and massive size, pinning them down to the ground. Some Bull Mastiffs would simply stand in between their masters and the stranger to keep them from passing.

Bull Mastiffs crave human companionship. They can become extremely attached to their masters and families. As such, a Bull Mastiff can live indoors with humans. However, since a Bull Mastiff may not get along with other dogs, socialization should be practiced at an early age.

The Bull Mastiff can easily get along with children, even if he or she is fully-grown. However, parental supervision is needed especially for toddlers because the Bull Mastiff is built heavily and can accidentally knock a small child down.

Just like other Mastiff breeds, the Bull Mastiff is fearless when feel threatened. However, under normal circumstances, these types of dogs are even-tempered, affectionate and devoted with a good-natured temperament.

Due to its size and strength, the Bull Mastiff is extremely powerful. They can be stubborn as puppies and a bit headstrong or unruly during adolescence. As such, a firm master is needed for obedience training. While the Bull Mastiff is not a difficult dog to train, he does require a master who is capable of asserting his authority. When trained properly, these dogs can become very sensitive to the tone of his master’s voice. However, since the Bull Mastiff is more aggressive that other Mastiff breeds, early training and socialization is necessary.

A Bull Mastiff can be excessively protective of his family and other household pets, especially if he is socialized at an early age. He will only allow strangers to come into the house if they are introduced to the Bull Mastiff by his master or other people they trust. Therefore, if you plan on robbing the Bull Mastiff’s house, fighting his master, interfering with his territory and messing with his family, prepare to be knocked down and halted in your tracks as the Bull Mastiff will never back down on a fight.

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